Outpost VR – Explore virtual reality in the heart of Antwerp

Outpost Gamecenters is proud to present its brand-new virtual reality experience in the heart of Antwerp.

Step into our VR-room, don your goggles, equip your rifle and enter a wide range of virtual worlds in teams of four to five people. Each session you play lasts about 40 minutes (which includes all preparation, instructions on how to play, two scenario’s of 10-15 minutes and a short break between scenario’s), which should be ample time for you to blast your way through whatever enemies the game decides to throw at you!

A virtual reality session in Outpost Antwerp

As Outpost we have always prided ourself in being innovators in terms of gaming, so we couldn’t be left in the dust when it comes to the newest development: VR! Outpost VR offers an entirely new form of gaming right here in Antwerp. Our goal is to change people’s opinions on Virtual Reality in a bunch of different ways:

Games galore

We will be expanding our current assortment of games in 2020 with a host of new titles! Experience a witchy seance, stroll through a whimsical playground landscape or fight off the zombie legions. You name it, we’ve got it!

Living games

Apart from acquiring new games we’ve also designed all our games in such a way that we can continously keep updating them with the latest technology. Replay a scenario three months later and experience it again like it’s a brand new game!

Affordable sessions

Each VR-session offered by us lasts about 40 minutes and contains two scenarios. All of this for only 15 Euros per player! This makes our rates the lowest throughout Belgium. From Friday evening 17h00 till Sunday evening 18h00 you can just walk into Outpost Antwerp and play a game as long as we do not have any reservations. For walk-ins there is also the possibility to play just one scenario for the price of 8 Euros.

Action-packed fun

The scenarios we play during our sessions last about 10 to 15 minutes. This is why we pack them full of adrenaline-pumping action and/or eerie suspense. It may be a short game, but it’ll be the best time you’ve had all week!

Better with friends

Our scenarios are way better when played together! Up to five players can simultaneously enter the virtual world to solve puzzles and shoot their way out of (or into) trouble!


Virtual Reality may be considered niche and experimental, but we provide tried and true technology that is guaranteed to blow your mind (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Don’t let virtual reality be a distant dream. Experience it today!