VeeYarr: VR-adventures for kids, here in Antwerp

VeeYarr: Gaming sessions for kids

Birthday party or kids’ party? Why not try a VR-session?

Children posses an amazing imagination. But what would happen if we brought that imagination to life? What if we could take the youngest among us to a colourful world filled with robots and UFO’s. A place where the laws of physics cease to exist. Up is down, left is right, dog is cat, … it seems like a page from Alice in Wonderland, but ‘real’. ‘VeeYarr’ isn’t just a really cool experience for parents and their childeren. It’s also a great first step into the marvelous world of virtual reality. And it’s all here in the centre of Antwerp!

“9.5/10 And I’ll definitely be back with my 7 year old son for those kids’ games. Those seem really super. He’s a big fan of playstation and cell phone games. So yeah, we’re definitely coming back.”

Evi and her team of ‘testers’ for ‘De Inspecteur’ on Radio 2 (Translated from Dutch)
Happy child in our VR room in Antwerp

Wanted: four or five youthful heroes to protect the universe!

During a ‘VeeYarr’-session you’re trying to stop a silly alien invasion as you play through the guardian heroes 1 & guardian heroes 2 games. Protect the professor, save the city, and then take on a horde of (non-threatening) alien creatures! Of course you won’t be alone in this. Our VR-games can be played with up to four of your friends. Additionally our helpful VR-crew is always on stand-by to help out and make sure your entire experience runs as smoothly as possible.

“It was all super cool! When they launched us into the sky I got butterflies!”

Rosalie, 9 years old (translated from Dutch)
Little girl prepares for battle!

Combine your VR-adventure with 2 hours of gaming in Outpost Antwerp!

The fun doesn’t need to end after your VeeYarr-session. If you opt for VeeYarr+ we’ll add 2h of gaming on our brand-new PC rigs. In our comfy gaming chairs you can play a host of multiplayer games with your friends such as: Fortnite, Portal 2, Trine, Overcooked, Minecraft, or any of the other 70 titles from our library.

Hungry or thirsty after a day of shooting cartoon aliens? No problem! Our gamecenter has everything you need to sate that appetite and quench your thirst.

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