Welcome to Guardian Heroes 2!

In this 10 minute scenario designed for 4 to 5 players you pick up the story where we left off. Although the giant evil robot from the last scenario is now defeated, the saucer that dropped him off is still there. And it has plans for our intrepid heroes.

The city and its citizens are saved by the actions of the good professor and the players. Whatever evil attempted to put the city under its control has now set its sights on you. A transporter beam has beamed your team aboard and teleported it to some weird alternate universe. One where the laws of physics seem a bit … wobbly.

This scenario isn’t scary at all and suited for children, parents, and anyone who wants to embark on a cartoon-y adventure. You must be over 110cm tall to use the equipment though and not be afraid of heights.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you survive your predicament:

  • The end boss regularly fires off missiles. If you don’t shoot them (so they explode in mid air) they can quickly wipe your party.
  • Some zombies have really big heads, this makes headshots very easy.
  • Headshots do a LOT more damage.
  • In the first phase of the battle a helicopter regularly drops off zombies. Destroy it to stop this from happening.
  • At a certain point gravity will stop working.
  • So long as somebody is alive your teammates will respawn in 20 seconds. If everyone is dead the game ends.

Can you survive this completely messed up world? Or will you succumb to the power of the alien menace? Find out in Guardian Heroes 2!