Welcome to Earth 2048!

Earth 2048 is a fixed-point shooting game for 3 or 4 people. You play as soldiers wearing heavy, mechanized armor to fight back tens of thousands of insects in the Gobi Desert. The goal of this scenario is to get everyone out of the refugee base on a spacecraft before the insects overwhelm you.

In the not so distant future, Aarth will be invaded by an alien insect race, the Zerg. When all things seem lost, human scientists finally hit a breakthrough in their attempts at constructing the perfect anti-Zerg weapon: The Mecha. These highly mechanized and weaponized suits will finally give humankind a chance to fight back! Don your armor and do your part in ensuring our survival!

Over the course of this action-packed game, players will be re-positioned at regular intervals as the plot develops. There will be new challenges waiting for you after each change in position. In order to escape this wasteland you will be fighting through hordes and hordes of insects, as well as a big final boss, who will take all your best efforts and teamwork to take down!

Here are some tips and tricks to help you squash some bugs: 

  • Target and destroy insect eggs before they can hatch. 
  • The bug’s shells are very hard to crack! Shoot at their heads for optimal damage output. 
  • Keep an eye on the heat level of your weapons. They’ll stop working when they overheat and will need some time to cool off. It may be wise to shoot with intervals so you never hit that point.
  • When your armor is broken (aka: you have run out of health), it will repair itself as long as any of your team mates are alive.
  • This game requires strong cooperation! Divide up the labor and keep an eye on the health of your teammates so you can protect and cover them when they are down.
  • Attacking the boss’ weak points will interrupt some of its more powerful and deadly moves. This will be critical as a means of taking it down as a team.