Welcome to Hospital of the Dead!

In this 10-minute scenario designed for 4 to 5 people you will face the challenge of escaping a hospital with the medicine you need. A hospital that is overrun with zombies that is!

Humanity has gone the way of the dodo as you and your team have infiltrated a hospital in search of critical medical supplies. However, a horde of zombies now bar your escape route. Not only are these zombies numerous, they come in different types, such as poisonous or on fire!

Fortunately for you, you were already at the exit when you got ambushed, so you’ll just need to buy time while one of your companions tries to break open the door.

This mission, should you choose to accept, is not for the faint of heart and those below the age of 13. There are frequent jump scares, gruesome scenes, and intensive combat. You are trapped with a host of undead that want to eat your brains after all!

To ensure the survival of your crew we’ve prepared some handy tips:

  • Shooting blue oxygen cylinders causes an explosion that (when timed correctly) may take out multiple zombies.
  • Be careful of hidden zombies, they can appear from anywhere, even below you! So be sure to look around regularely, or you might suddenly feel something gnawing at your ankles.
  • Headshots inflict massive damage to zombies.
  • Combatants are wise to refill their clips at the proper time, lest they run out of ammunition during a critical encounter!
  • Be careful of flaming or poisonous zombies, don’t let them get too close or they’ll spread their conditions onto you!
  • Beware the crows, at certain points they might swoop down and cause trouble.
  • Destroying light sources covers the room in darkness, increasing suspense.

Can you make it out of the encounter alive, or will you fall prey to the ravenous horde? Only your shooting skills and faith in your teammates can save you now!