Welcome to Lost in Jurassic!

This 12-minute scenario designed for 4 to 5 players pits a team of brave soldiers against prehistoric beasts of old: the mighty dinosaurs.

Somewhere in a secret lab something went horribly wrong. The facility, and everyone inside, got transported to the Jurassic age! After coming to grips with their new reality the surviving soldiers and scientists set up a base in a valley near a volcano to both study the native fauna and find a way back home. Then one day the volcano erupted.

This scenario is not overly scary (unless you’re really afraid of dinosaurs) and suited for everyone over the age of 10. You need to be at least 110cm tall in order to use the equipment.

Here are some hints and tips to help you survive the Jurassic age:

  • The dinosaurs’ weakness is their heads. Headshots do a lot of damage.
  • Exploding the red oil drums will cause extensive damage to the dinosaurs.
  • Raptors are agile, but don’t have a lot of hitpoints.
  • The spitting dinosaurs’ venom will obscure your vision on a hit.
  • Some of the Pterosaurs will ignore you while others will attack you from the sky.
  • If one of the larger Pterosaurs grabs a player in order to obduct them it’s up to their team to shoot the flying monstrosity to free him or her.
  • Shoot the boulders thrown by King Kong to shatter them and prevent being hit.
  • The Tyrannosaurus end boss will, in the final phase, roar and then charge the players. This often results in a party wipe. To prevent this focus all firepower on his head to divert his path. Explosive grenades to the face are really powerful here.
  • At a certain point you must defend soldiers from climbing two watchtowers. If you succeed it will give you a strong defensive position to assault the dinosaurs.

Will your team succesfully defend from the onslaught of frightened dinosaurs? Or will they fall prey to the jaws of the T-rex? And even if you succeed: will the scientists be able to open a portal back home? Only your courage and the tactics employed by your team will determine the outcome.